It’s no breaking news that the 90s choker is back and I’m absolutely loving it! I loved it then and love it even more now.  Probably more now that I can actually afford to buy my own. LOL.  While shopping over the holidays I found quite a few local stores selling them at various prices/styles to suit every budget/taste and so I thought why not share with you ‘all to help you save time in searching:

  1. Lovisa – Walmer Park (priced from 199 ZAR ).  This store is one of the more expensive options but I love the variety they have on offer.  From simple to super dramatic and unique, they have it all.
  2. Forever New – Walmer Park (priced from 199 ZAR ) Also a nice selection, I bought a cute pink string choker on their 30% off sale.  I paid 139 ZAR.  Happiness!
  3. Zara – Walmer Park (priced from 160 ZAR ).  Zara had a few nice sets where you can get 2 or 3 different styles in a set for under 200 ZAR . (I’m pretty sure it was 160 ZAR for 3).  Now you can imagine my regret after thinking I hit the jackpot at the previous store lol.
  4. Factorie – Baywest Mall (priced from 130 ZAR ).  I was quite impressed with their collection and especially because they had the same chokers for a little cheaper than the other stores with similar stock.
  5. Identity – Baywest Mall (priced from 59 ZAR) Identity’s chokers were well priced but they had limited options, also nice though.
  6. Mr Price – Online (priced from 26 ZAR ).  Mr Price has a plain velvet choker for 26 ZAR, can somebody please scream bargain!!!
  7. Legit had cute, well priced chokers a while ago.  I remember buying 2 on sale for like next to nothing 3 months ago.  I think 30 ZAR each if I remember correctly.  So it might be worthwhile just popping in again to check.

Floral top: Soviet, Baywest Mall. String choker: Forever New, Walmer Park.

    Have fun shopping and let me know what you find by commenting below 🙂

    The Do’s and Don’ts:

    • Do have fun with it.  Chokers are meant to add funk to any look.  It adds an interesting touch to a laid-back outfit.
    • Don’t wear your choker too tight.  The choker length must equal your neck measurement plus 50mm at least for a comfortable fit.
    • Do consider the neckline of your top when wearing a choker.  Chokers work best with off-shoulder, round open necks, buttoned down shirts, v-necklines, boob tubes or one shoulder tops.
    • Don’t wear a choker with a turtle/polo neckline.  The combination is generally not a good idea.
    • Do try different styles and colours by coordinating your outfit.  There are both casual and formal options available in local stores to choose from, a choker for every occasion.
    • Don’t buy a choker before trying it on unless you’re pretty sure of the size and that the style would look best on you.  Certain chokers work better for longer, slender necklines where others will be suitable for shorter necklines as well.  My advice, try it on first and if you’re not sure about the chunky ones, try something simpler.  Chokers work better with heart shaped faces and could make a round face look even rounder.
    • Do try to make your own if you’re on a tight budget but would like to incorporate the trend into your look.  All you need is ribbon, suede string or velvet fabric, a clasp, chain and a fancy pendant if you’d like.  Search for tutorials online (google or youtube videos) on how to make your own choker.  Have fun!

    Here are some looks to assist you in styling your chokers.

    img_20170110_160533 img_20170110_160623

    Till next time…

    Nadine ❤