It’s the start of a new year and what better time to do a decent closet cleanup. Don’t go through the year hoarding last year’s junk. Here are 10 things to get rid of before the end of January.

1.Worn out Shoes

Let’s start with the biggest one. It’s time to clean up your shoe closet.  If you’ve done 500-800km on those running shoes, your flip flop straps are torn and the nail of your high heels start poking through then it’s time to replace them.  If your shoes are very expensive, resole or reheel them at the local shoe repair shop.  Gently worn shoes can also be donated to charity.

2.  Unmatched Earrings

I don’t know why we keep them, seriously lol.  Unless you’re into the asymmetrical, unmatched earring trend, then it’s time to toss them out.

3.  Clothes that just don’t work

I can understand the need to keep the tight or vintage stuff, it might come in handy again.  But the clothes that just doesn’t compliment your shape, donate donate donate!  You might lose the weight yes but your body shape will never change.  Rather invest in the trends that accentuates your best features and get rid of those that doesn’t.

4.  Promo T-shirts

I often keep promo and old baggy t-shirts for those spring cleaning or lazy couch days.  But here’s the thing:  We don’t need so many of them.  Honestly, 1 will probably do.

5.  Faulty Electronics

If you haven’t fixed that broken toaster or hairdryer for a year, chuck it out!  It’s just taking up space and buying a new one will probably cost you less than a repair anyway.

6.  All Things Expired

Expired store vouchers, beauty products, meds, make-up, hair products, you name it, we keep it!  But it’s time to throw them away.

7.  Worn out underwear

I don’t like throwing my worn out bras in the bin, simply because I’m afraid someone might see it in there lol.  The alternative is worst, keeping them.  They gots to go!

8.  Old Magazines / Scrap wrapping paper

Unless you have kids who need the pictures inside for their school projects, then it’s time to chuck them in the nearest paper recycle bin.  And let’s be honest, how many magazines do they need for projects anyway? Keep in mind the number of magazines that you’ll still be buying within the next 6 months.  And the used gift wrap?  You know you’re going to buy a gift bag anyway, so why hold on to it? Lol

9.  Music we never listen to

Not outdated music.  I’m referring to the ones we just don’t enjoy and never will.  Instead of keeping a cupboard of CDs, you may want to give them to people who are actually into that kind of music.  Hopefully, they won’t play them when you go to visit. Lol

10.  Store Receipts

This is probably my biggest problem.  I have a purse full of ATM withdrawal and store receipts and a hand-full in every bag I own.  I keep receipts in case I need to return my items and end up never throwing them away.

Now, congratulations on all the new space you’ve created in your closet. Feels great doesn’t it?

Till next time…