So many of us are dreading the cold, pinning for warmer days as do I.  However if we only take a moment we’ll realize that there’s so much to love about this season.  The smell of rich stews and soups to that delicious cup of hot chocolate we unapologetically enjoy during a lazy movie night under a warm blanket. And then there’s those fashion pieces we only get to style for about 3 months in a year. Warm knits, long boots, furry statement coats and scarves.  One can’t help but notice the silver lining.  As in life, although its easy to focus on the negatives let’s take a moment and embrace the good in life, those little blessings that we can be thankful for and before you know it – there comes Spring!


Get the look:

Dress – Ergo Zen

Shoes – Kitibella

Bag – The Space Baywest – by Amanda Laird Cherry

Stay stylish, stay positive!

Love, N