​They say in the beginning there was nothing but that’s not true. You were there. And everything else came to be to prove your very existence. The sun in the day and the moon by night rotating to create a cycle that helps us to measure and define you.


They say you can heal all wounds. As much as I love the hope this cliché brings there are some wounds that even you can not erase and the best we can wish for is that we somehow grow stronger through the pain; that the effect thereof will start to consume us less and less each day. There’s a condition though isn’t there? A fineprint… We have to keep moving with you.


If it’s one thing I respect you for it’s the ability you possess to move forward no matter what. You never look back.  Never get weary. You never stop to think ‘what if’. You wait for nothing and no one to catch up with you. Like a river that never runs dry.  You do not ask permission or approval. You simply do not care because you don’t need an applause in order to run your race.  Your finish line is unknown to all.  Your pace is as consistent as nothing I’ve ever seen before.  You are self sufficient.

Every step you take sends someone on this planet to their eternal home. Reuniting them with those who have gone before them.


You are the essence of contradiction. You give and you take away.  You cost me money as you demand I give and then return it to me as I gain in interest.  You’re the difference between a seized moment or missed opportunity; bringing either regret or relief as we wait you out.
You can cause a couple to grow closer to each other or drift further apart with the decisions they make with every breath you take.
You cultivate growth and wisdom but also increase foolishness as we choose not to learn or waste you.

Every day in small moments of you we’re faced with choices: between right and wrong, to go left or right, to love or hate, to move forward or stay the same. The choice between  life or death. And the sum of these choices is our life and defines the person we become.

Time, who is your creator and how are you here? What is your purpose? God, is it You? Are you Time? Alpha and Omega. Beginning and end.

God, is it You?

Author: Nadine Murray