Jambo Jambo!!! (Hello) all the way from an island in Tanzania called Zanzibar. I’ve travelled 5 African countries and now I finally get to tick off the last on my bucket list šŸ™‚

Wherever we go we hear the phrase “Hakuna Matata” meaning no problem, no stress/worries, care free, all’s good… Aside from the beauty of this place itself, the friendly hospitable people are by far, the highlight! 

I dont often wear maxi dresses but since Tanzania is 90% muslim with a very conservative dress code for women I’ve decided to wear one walking through town. Slits didn’t help much but at least I tried? šŸ™ˆ

These indian/arabian style doors with brass knobs are found on almost every building in Stone Town. It’s absolutely beautiful. 

Clear waters and clear skies are the order of the day!

Getting a henna tattoo

Henna tattoos are the most common accessory amongst married women especially. This lady insisted I look pretty for my husband LOL… and then doubled her price when I was done. Tip: pay upfront!

Dress: DailyFriday (shop here)
Til next time… Hakuna Matata ā¤